You are the active Desk Jockey...

You have a job that ties you to your desk 8 hours a day... and by the end of the week your shoulders and neck feel it. You may get headaches, and you are always tight through your neck and shoulder muscles. You want to get out for some easy hikes on the weekend, or take the dog out to the dog park, and you just wish your body felt better. 

Your low back has started to tighten up on you with easy activities, and you are a little worried about how things are going. 

You know you need to be a little more active, but aren't really sure what to do to feel better. You have heard lot's of stuff from friends, yoga, pilates, massage, swimming, ect... But just don't know whats right for you, and you don't want to make anything worse.

You need a PT who understands the intricacies of what muscle groups are affected while you are working, what tends to shorten and tighten over time, and what tends to lengthen and get weak after years of desk work. You need a PT who can combine myofascial work, specific stretches and strengthening exercises to re-balance your body, and somebody who can help advise you on your plan for the future.


You need to try Revolution PT.  

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